• Transport
    • All vehicles fitted with cameras, tracking and telematics
    • Traceable trailers
    • ADR Vehicles
    • Aviation secure vehicles
    • FORS certified fleet
    • Standard and Cantilever tail lift vehicles
    • Box vehicles
    • Tramping vehicles
    • Low loader trailers
    • Flat bed trailers
    • Moffet trailers
    • Carpeted trailers for loose loaded freight
    • Urban trailers with tail lifts
    • Megacube curtainside trailers
    • Standard tail lift trailers
    • Double deck trailers
    • Waste Carriers Licence
  • Warehousing
    • 2 x 20 tonne overhead cranes
    • Dock levellers
    • Industrial canopies for outdoor crossdocking and side tips
    • Conveyor systems
    • Mobile yard ramps
    • LLOP forklifts
    • Stand on forklifts
    • Flexi forklifts
    • Barrel Grabs
    • Fork extensions
    • Slip sheet forklifts
    • Forklift safety cages
    • Heavy duty powered and manual Pump trucks, platform, hand and cage trolleys
    • Narrow aisle racking systems
    • Heavy duty cargo nets, chains and straps
    • Industrial pallet wrapping machines

For more on our IT equipment and systems view IT Infrastructure under the PGS Experience header.

The PGS Global Logistics fleet of lorries
A forklift truck at PGS Global Logistics warehouse


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