Pallet-Track network members are among supply chain businesses leading the industry charge to train the logistics sector out of the chronic skills shortage, to drive up quality and efficiency and drive down margin-eroding costs. 
At a time that Skills for Logistics is calling for more apprenticeships, Pallet-Track members have been innovative in their approaches to curbing the driving skills shortage, calculated to be in the region of 50,000, according to RHA figures. 
For example, PGS Global Logistics, based in Birmingham, is one such company. It acquired A1 Training Services Ltd to provide ‘warehouse to wheels’ tuition that goes beyond producing Class 1 or 2 licence holders. 
“We need the right people in place to drive for us and while a lot of companies have their own training schools, they can often stop short of helping them progress with much-needed experience,” said Sam Eyles, director of business development at PGS Global Logistics. 
“The trouble is without that experience they get overlooked by companies so they never improve. We insist on putting them in cabs with experienced drivers to coach them on the road and expose them to real life driving rather than simply getting them through the tests. 
“This has been the real benefit of having a partnership with A1 Training as we get not only the right drivers, but also all the right qualities including attitude, and aptitude before we send them out driving for PGS.” 
Collin Meredith, managing director of A1 Training, said: “Going out on the road for an intensive week-long immersion in the job is invaluable training to get drivers to the next stage. 
“We are in an industry where we have a skills shortage, but unless you have that experience no one wants to employ you. Insurance cover for inexperienced drivers can be expensive and hard to obtain, but our mentoring regime gives insurers more confidence in new drivers. 
“Our training is not only about driving, it is about teaching drivers how to present themselves and how to make sure that their load is secure, for example. These are important details of the job that you are not going to get from taking a test.” 
Nigel Parkes, founder and managing director of Pallet-Track, said: “Our members are at the sharp end of the impact of the skills shortage and their approaches are both considered and practical solutions to the predicament the industry finds itself. We all need and expect goods to be delivered 24/7, but without skilled and accredited drivers there is a credibility and reputational gap to bridge in terms of building confidence with customers and the general public.” 
For more information on A1 Training, call 0121 789 8471 or visit 
For more information on Pallet-Track, call 0870 385 0055 or visit 
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